A Unique Exhibition Dedicated To The 80th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Crete

The “Cretan Commentations Committee – The Battle of Crete and the Resistance“, in cooperation with the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Chania, and the Center of the Mediterranean Architecture is organizing a 10-days exhibition with unpublished photographs and rare artifacts from the battle of Crete. The event contains unique exhibits from the historical archive […]

The 79th anniversary of the Battle of Crete – Tribute tour of “CCC”

Today, 79 years from the Battle of Crete, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented situation in the sector of health. This is the reason that the Greek government canceled all the commemoration events of the 79th anniversary in Crete. People all over the world didn’t allowed to travel in order to honour those whom we owe […]

The interesting, anecdotal story of private Roy East

One of the reasons I love what I’m doing is because I have the chance to meet interesting people, interact and share unique stories. When I tour with descendants of the battle’s fighters is my favorite! Today, after our long e-mail conversation I met Jan from Australia. A lovely woman who wanted to follow the […]

Battle of Crete Commemorations 2019 – Official Full Schedule

It is 78 years since the May 20th 1941, when the largest airborn invasion in world’s history took place in the island of Crete! We are honouring annually the memory of all the soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives during the epic battle and we are welcoming in Crete all these people who want […]

German Airpower

The battle of Crete can be broken down into 3 separate elements. Land, Sea & Air. Looking at each element in it’s own right helps us to understand where the battle was won & lost. German intelligence greatly underestimated the number of allied troops on Crete. They predicted about 5000-15,000 when the true number was […]

WWII – The Battle of Crete Combo Tour

Important note *The following itinerary is describing basic and general information to safeguard the schedule and the copyrights. If you wish to know more about the analytic schedule please feel free to contact us via e-mail (info@gstours.gr) or telephone (+302821043243). Introduction On May 20th 1941, world’s history changed forever. The battle of Crete, or “operation […]

An extraordinary day in the battlefields of Chania

The previous Friday I was lucky to meet four extraordinary people and tour with them around the battlefields of Chania. These two couples from Australia and New Zealand made my day!! We started from the area of Maleme, as usual and we spent more than 1.5 hour on the hill 107, right above the airfield […]

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