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Fabulous Crete – Alternative Tourism Network

The biggest alternative tourism network in Crete

Fabulous Crete gives the chance to our island’s visitors to find easily and quickly: Information about the island, over 100 activities & options, online booking system, personal touch with the tour experts, tailor made services and private tours. Also the project, through its website, offers cooperation opportunities to people who are involved with tourism industry in Crete or not. Bloggers, writers, artists, adventurers, people with fantasy and dreams could join our network and become a partner of this innovative idea in many ways.

Fabulous Crete is on!

It is here to grow the different expressions of tourism in Crete and to offer unforgettable experiences on this lovely island. Join now and discover: Historical Places & Archaeological Sites, Cultural & Historical Heritage, Wine & Gastronomy Experiences, Jeep Safari & Countryside Life, Hiking & Cycling Adventures, Horseback Riding & Climbing, Scuba Diving & Sea Experiences, Ecotourism & Nature Walks, Private Cruises & Amazing Beaches, Water & Extreme sports, City & Mainland Tours, Religious Tourism

People Power

Our People are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

We love this island and we want to share its beauties!!

All these activities cannot be explained easily in words and it is even harder to translate them into other languages. What Fabulous Crete though can guarantee every visitor is a memorable experience, something which is not easily achieved even if one has visited Crete many times. Through our programs and package deals the visitor can experience something unknown, yet truly real, and inaccessible to many but simultaneously so very beautiful. This is the genuine Cretan ‘product’ and this is exactly what Fabulous Crete has to offer. Explore the real Crete! Feel the real essence of Crete!

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Cultural & Historical Tours
Religious Tourism
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