The “Cretan Commentations Committee – The Battle of Crete and the Resistance“, in cooperation with the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Chania, and the Center of the Mediterranean Architecture is organizing a 10-days exhibition with unpublished photographs and rare...



Today, 79 years from the Battle of Crete, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented situation in the sector of health. This is the reason that the Greek government canceled all the commemoration events of the 79th anniversary in Crete. People all...



Yesterday Mrs Emma Ebrahim from New Zealand published on Facebook the pictures of the people who saved her grandfather on Crete back in 1941. She is searching for the descendants of this family in order to thank them for what...



One of the reasons I love what I’m doing is because I have the chance to meet interesting people, interact and share unique stories. When I tour with descendants of the battle’s fighters is my favorite! Today, after our long...



It is 78 years since the May 20th 1941, when the largest airborn invasion in world’s history took place in the island of Crete! We are honouring annually the memory of all the soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives...



On 20 May 2019, to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the Battle of Crete, families of veterans from the UK and the countries of the Commonwealth will join descendants of Cretan comrades to lay wreaths at the annual service of...



During my trip to Scotland, last week, I had the chance to visit the Black Watch museum in Perth, an incredible location on our way from Edinburgh to Inverness. The Black Watch museum is inside Balhousie castle, a spectacular building...



The battle of Crete can be broken down into 3 separate elements. Land, Sea & Air. Looking at each element in it’s own right helps us to understand where the battle was won & lost. German intelligence greatly underestimated the...



Adolf Hitler authorized Unternehmen Merkur (named after the swift Roman god Mercury) with Directive 28 the forces used were to come from airborne and air units already in the area and units intended for Unternehmen Barbarossa were to conclude operations...



Every fact in our world’s history is a result of human actions. The greatest war of all times hides secret agreements, political interests, profits and actions of human beings. In this short article we will analyze and see which people...

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