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Religious tradition is very intense in all regions of Crete and is present in everyday life of its people. This is reflected in the hundreds of religious monuments on the island. Even the struggles for liberation, in most cases, started from the monastic communities. Crete has an independent Archbishopric, separate from the church of Greece. With thousands of places of worship and countless monasteries that have played a special role in the consolidation of Christianity and the struggle against the invaders, Crete is an ideal religious and historical destination.

Since the early Christian times, when Paul the Apostle visited Crete and taught the new religion, the Christian culture grew through the ages. Old places of monastic self-exile, traces of early Christian basilicas, large chapels, and decorated Byzantine churches are found throughout the island. Furthermore, Cretan iconography flourished particularly in the Venetian Era, with El Greco and Michael Damascenus being the most influential representatives.

The religious heritage of the island will be revealed before your eyes through the diversity of our tours and our knowledgable guides. We designed each one of these tours very carefully in order to transmit the information and the historical details in the most simple and understandable way. We tried to transform a typical day tour into an unforgettable experience. Trust the local experts and discover the religious history of Crete.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Agia Triada monastery, Toplou monastery, Preveli monastery

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