Things to Do in Crete During Winter Months

"Low season" or "off-season" is the right time to feel and enjoy Crete's peaceful nature. The perfect time to pursue interests, studies, hobbies and hikes. By winter, we mean November until late March.

Winter months are offering us the chance to explore the uncrowded vision of Crete. There is significant snowfall in the mountains (the highest peaks always receive winter snowfall).

The winter of 2004 and 2017 saw a record-breaking snowfall during the month of February and January. Sights open up in the winter, and you can meet local people, experience hospitality that is offered so genuinely when you pause on your journey around the island. Don't expect to bask in the sunshine every day, but on those lucky sunny days, you get a bonus of bright island light. Although, here in Crete, we have around 300 days of sunshine a year.

Crete is an island of drama, something the weather often reflects. Come prepared for driving winds and rain, then enjoy the bright spells. Visit villages, museums, shops - walk/hike, play tennis - see Crete's natural beauty, the snow-capped mountains, uncrowded roads, and be here when travel seems as civilized as it did decades ago. Choose among the following carefully selected & designed tours and explore Crete’s beautiful winter landscapes.

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Best Seasons:November to March
Popular Location:All Cretan Regions

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