Emma is searching for the descendants of the Cretan family who saved her grandfather in 1941

By Giannis Thimianos

- 07/06/2019


Yesterday Mrs Emma Ebrahim from New Zealand published on Facebook the pictures of the people who saved her grandfather on Crete back in 1941. She is searching for the descendants of this family in order to thank them for what their ancestors did for her grandfather. She only knows their first names, Irene, Tasos and Nicolas. She doesn’t have any other information about where they lived or anything related to their identity.

Her grandfather, Arthur Ernest Wright was captured on Crete in 1941 shortly after the New Zealand troops landed, he then spent time in prison camp, he escaped 2 times looking for food and spent weeks hiding in the forest/hills eating grass and worms before this family found him and hid him for months before he was taken back to the camp.

Arthur Ernest Wright

One picture is a copy of the papers that were dropped all over the island requesting soldiers to surrender or be treated as spy, he did not want his new friends to get in trouble so he gave himself over to Germans.

Irene, Tasos and Nicolas
Pamphlets dropped in Crete from the Germans

This year she and her husband are taking her dad to visit Crete/Greece and visit historical sites.
They hope that someone may know this family so they can learn more about them…and meet their descendants. Without their help the next 3 generations od her family would not be here.
Her grandad died 2yrs ago 3 weeks before he turned 100…he had this photo on his wall in a special frame.

That’s Arthur digging tunnels for the Germans while he was a POW

That’s Arthur at the front of the 4 th picture at the 20yr reunion march in New Zealand

Please share in order to help Emma find the people who saved her grandfather and get in touch with them!

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