A Unique Exhibition Dedicated To The 80th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Crete

By Giannis Thimianos

- 18/05/2021


The “Cretan Commentations Committee – The Battle of Crete and the Resistance“, in cooperation with the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Chania, and the Center of
the Mediterranean Architecture is organizing a 10-days exhibition with unpublished
photographs and rare artifacts from the battle of Crete.

The event contains unique exhibits from the historical archive of Dimitris Skartsilakis
(historical researcher & collector) and the collection of Stelios Tripalitakis (collector
& storyteller). The exhibition will take place at the Center of the Mediterranean
Architecture building (Grand Arsenal – Ground Floor) and will open to the public
on Thursday, May 20th at 20:30. The visitors will have the chance to explore the
historical facts of the battle of Crete, every day from 10:00-14-00 and 18:00-22:00
until May 30th, 2021.

The main goal of this exhibition is to maintain and preserve the memory of the WWII
facts through authentic materials and its history. The CCC will honour the veterans
and those who gave their lives during the Battle of Crete, through this exhibition and
several wreath layings throughout the island’s memorials. This will also be the
foundation stone of many future educational activities and events.

It would be more than a pleasure, and a great honour to welcome you to the Grand
Arsenal and discuss our common historical ideas and concerns.

The CCC will also lay 11 wreaths at the following memorials from the 16th to the
24th of the month in order to honour the fallen: The monuments to which wreaths will
be laid are the following: Sfakia, Floria, Chania (Nea Chora), Cadets Monument
(Kolimbari), Alikianos, Galatas, Allied Cemetery (Souda), Tsikalaria (42nd Street),
German cemetery, Monument of the Battle of Apokoronas.

On the morning of May 20th, CCC will lay 1527 poppies, one in each tomb of the
Allied Cemetery to honour the fallen defenders of the island. The poppies were
donated by the Returned Services League Victoria (RSLVic). Shipping was from
many donations from people in NZ and Australia who would have preferred to be in
Crete now. An additional and separate financial contribution to the CCC was made by
ten members of the Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne.

Visit CCC’s Facebook page for more information.

On behalf of the Office
The President
Thimianos Ioannis

Giannis Thimianos

Owner & Founder, fabulouscrete.com

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