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Crete is an island with a huge historical heritage and deep cultural roots.

From ancient times to the present day, the geopolitical position of Crete in the Mediterranean sea creates a crossroad of three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa. This was once one of the most important places in the known world. From the Minoan era to the battlegrounds of WWII, Crete played an immense role in the world's history.

This island occupied by a lot of different people throughout the centuries, and each one of them left its mark. Romans, Arabs, Venetians, Ottomans ruled the island in the past and affected the culture, customs, ethics, traditions of our people deeply. Modern Cretans are a unique blend of eastern and western civilization. Different characteristics from multiple cultures affected Cretans a lot, but their greatest and most admirable achievement is that they still called "Cretans". After all these hard occupation periods, Cretan people kept their identity, maybe not intact, but proudly true.

Each place has its own characteristics, and each culture is different. The only way to understand and hear the heart of a place is through its people. The everyday life of the locals can be discovered only if one can listen to the spirit of each place. Each one of the following tours, designed carefully by our experts. Our aim and hope was to transform a phenomenically simple day trip into an unforgettable experience. Our friendly and hospitable guides, hosts, escorts & drivers will guarantee that you will get what we promised you online.

Let us fill your soul and mind with unforgettable stories and highlight the best memories from our beautiful island. Discover with us the hidden treasures of Cretan mainland, the history, culture and traditions, meet the locals in small villages, accept their hospitality and warm embraced hearts, and live a journey through the centuries.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Apokoronas, Kissamos, Archanes, Knossos, Eleftherna

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