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The abundant waters of the Atlantic that supply the Mediterranean lose a large part of their components and evaporate until they arrive here. As a result, the sea water in Crete is low in nutrients and has a high salinity. This means that the populations of fish are smaller but the biodiversity is not affected. The waters are extremely clear. In fact, they are clearer than the waters in the world’s most famous diving and cruising destinations.

Crete retains its rugged terrain below sea surface, forming imposing abysses, caves and reefs. Under the sea level there are gorges, rocks, vertical walls, plains, caves and ship wrecks, hidden under the quiet surface. Numerous shipwrecks and airplane carcasses are scattered around Crete, a reminder of the island’s history. However, apart from these sunken cities, the ordinary swimmer can easily discover the beauty of the seabed and the rich marine life in most of the beaches of Crete.

The morphology and the relatively small surface of the Mediterranean render the tides and the consequent strong currents virtually absent, offering the divers the ideal conditions for pleasant diving experiences. Furthermore, the temperature is high in summer and winter, with an average temperature around 20°C.

Guests of Crete have the opportunity to escape to the magical beaches or the underwater world by choosing the partners of Fabulous Crete network, ready to serve divers and adventurers of all categories, in any period, with safety and responsibility. Besides, visitors can explore coasts through snorkeling or participate in fishing trips or bottom-glass boat excursions, private luxury sailing boat or yacht cruises, water-sports, speed-boat cruises...

Enjoy the beautiful crystal clear water of Crete and explore the numerous diving sites.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Balos, Gramvousa, Menies, Loutro, Glika Nera

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