Sea is the gift of God to the Greeks and, of course, the Cretans.

Through the sea, ancient Cretans conquered the Mediterranean basin once. Sea was feeding the population of the Greek islands and Crete for many centuries and was the road of trade & base of the economy. Sea was also dangerous a few years ago because it brought pirates and enemies to Crete's shores. But today is one of the most miraculous elements of this country and its largest island, Crete.

Crete maintains its rough terrain below the surface, forming imposing abysses, caves and reefs. There are canyons, cliffs, vertical walls, plains, caves and shipwrecks hidden under the quiet surface. Various shipwrecks and aeroplane bodies are spread around Crete, a reminder of the island's history. However, apart from these sunken cities, the ordinary swimmer can easily discover the beauty of the seabed and the rich marine life in most of the beaches of Crete. The water temperature is high in summer and winter, with an average of around 20°C.

Guests of Crete have the opportunity to escape to the magical beaches or the underwater world by choosing among a vast diversity of boat trips, sailing or yacht cruises, water sports, speed-boat & RIB tours, beach excursions and much more adventurous and leisure options. Each one of the following tours designed carefully by our experts' team in order to offer our guests high-quality, professional services.

We are ready to serve our guests and adventurers of all categories, in any period, with safety and responsibility. Besides, visitors can explore coasts through snorkelling, diving or participate in fishing trips, glass-bottom boat excursions, private luxury cruises and much more.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Balos, Gramvousa, Menies, Loutro, Glika Nera

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