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Join our trial scuba diving tour to explore the underwater world at an affordable cost, starting with a hassle-free transfer, thorough training, and a 30-minute sea dive.

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Immerse yourself in the scuba diving adventure with our trial tour, experiencing hands-on training, exploring the sea depths, and gearing up for advanced courses, creating a one-of-a-kind underwater journey.

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Seize the opportunity to try scuba diving without commitment, enjoy a seamless learning experience, and set the stage for future underwater explorations, ensuring you don’t miss out on the thrill of the deep sea.

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Tour Overview

Tour Highlights

  1. Dive in the sea and breathe underwater
  2. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Chania.
  3. Observe marine life in its natural environment
  4. Fell the peaceful environment of the sea bottom
  5. Learn scuba theory and dive with a local instructor


If you want to find out but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, this tour allows you to try it first. You will be transferred from your pick up point to the diving centre, arriving around 10:00 am. You will then complete along with your instructor all the necessary paperwork, theory and certification proving you have accomplished the course. After completing the required paperwork, you will need to watch a short video that describes the basic principles of scuba diving, all about the equipment you will use, some signals to communicate underwater, and the basic diving skills. A briefing from your teacher is following, who will then equip you with every necessary part of the scuba unit. Once you are fully suited up, a pool practice to the scuba’s basics and hand signals follows. As soon as you feel comfortable being underwater and complete the training, you will begin diving into the sea. It will be a 30 minutes dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres. After this diving experience, you are free to continue to the next level of courses: Scuba Diver Course or the Open Water Diver Course, but this will happen on another adventurous day! If you wish to explore more options, return to the Scuba Diving page.


  1. Full equipment
  2. Full insurance DAN
  3. Short theory session
  4. One dive in the sea
  5. Excercises and scenario with Padi Instructors
  6. Transfer in a distance up to 20km west from Chania town (Chania-Kolymvari)


  1. Gratuities (optional)

Guest Stories

Great Tour What a great tour! We chose the tour on a windy day in Chania and were so glad we did! It was excellent. Andreas was so knowledgeable about the area and the wine and he answered all questions we had. The group was small enough that it felt personal and the wineries we visited were absolutely brilliant! We loved the stop off at the oldest olive tree too. Great way to spend a day of our holiday!
The World War II battle for Crete Yanis, our driver and guide, was very knowledgeable and accommodating. He shared a lot of facts and photos of the battle for Crete and he explained the significance of each stop along the tour. The stop at the military collector’s mini museum was excellent. There were many unique and rare items in his collection that are tied to the battle. The pace and timing of tour was just right, along with a fresh sandwich from a local shop. I would recommend this tour to any interested in the history of the battle for Crete.
Rich S
Highly recommended for anyone interested in the Battle for Crete. As a former New Zealand Army officer I was very much looking forward to this tour and it did not disappoint. The whole tour was excellent and covered so much ground literally and figuratively. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and a great person to spend the day with. Being able to visit the actual battlefield sites really put so much into context. Highly recommended.
Tata C
Fantastic cooking class on Crete Everything about this experience was wonderful! The driver, Nikkoli was very knowledgeable and hospitable, the hosts for the class were gracious and warm, the good was amazing and the other guests were terrific. I am so lucky to have found this class and highly recommend!
Sue T
Relaxing excursion This was such a nice relaxing tour. Very simple and easy day! We were picked up at our hotel, it happened to be one of the pickup locations luckily. We drove to two different wineries but also made some stops along the way for cool lookout spots and even a 3,000 year old olive tree.
Sarah S
Cooking in Crete!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The staff and tour were excellent. We had such a good time being taught how to cook stuffed peppers, zucchini and tomatoes. I highly recommend this tour. The food that we created was simply delicious. Just a high quality experience.
Top bloke as guide Our guide had superb knowledge about the area we went to. He was friendly and accommodating. Despite our lack of knowledge and messing this company around we still got to Di our tour.
It was a great tour! This tour allows you to learn more about the culture and history of Crete. They will explain in detail about the food and the background to it. I thought it was a little pricey due to the strong yen, but it was a valuable experience that money can't buy. I'm really glad I participated. I recommend it.
Awesome Wonderful experience. We were taken up into the mountains of Crete to a host house. Over the next 4 hours, we had a tour of the house, learned about Cretan history, had a local wine tasting, and made an incredibly delicious meal. It is vegetarian friendly and comes with a few surprises. I gained a newfound appreciation for olive oil—there can never be too much. One of the highlights of my trip.
Richard Z
A Real Cretan Cooking Experience Yannis led us on a wonderful trip to a farm in the countryside with great views, warm and gracious hosts and cooks, and a night of fun and friendship. This was well worth the time to learn about Crete style cooking and Greek history
Todd W









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