Rethymnon Carnival 2017

In Greece it is a tradition to celebrate carnival. In Greek it is called “apiokries” and is much loved by everyone, big and small. The last 3 weeks before the lent “sarakosti” as it is called in Greece. The last weekends have many carnival arrangements all over the country. In Crete many towns have big […]

Omalos in Winter

An other wish I had, was to get up to beautiful Omalos again. I saw the snow capped mountains from town, all the wonderful pictures of all the snow in the newspaper and on Internet, and dreamt about a trip. Sunday was a perfect day for a car trip. Me and my husband Georgos went […]

A Winter Beach Walk

I woke up one sunny and I thought it was a wonderful day for a walk with my dogs along the beaches. We walked 5km from the old town to a suburb called Agioi Apostoli. We have the most wonderful small beaches all along the coast, and we enjoy them all year around. I wanted […]

The celebration of Theophany in Chania

The 6th of January is a public holiday in Greece. It’s another day of celebration after Christmas and New Year’s eve, but has actually nothing to do with Christmas. On this day the Greek Orthodox church, celebrate the day that Jesus was baptist by John the Baptist in the river Jordan. It is called Theofania […]

Crete in Snow – Photos from the white island

Crete has amazing places to visit during the summer season. Everyone knows ”what means Crete” from May to September. You know, people who live here can see the island from a different point of view. In winter the high peaks of the Cretan mountains are covered by snow. It is a very unusual phenomenon for […]

Winter in Crete from a different side of view

Most of the people are visiting Crete during the summer season. I would suggest a visit outside the season. Why would I say that? The island is green and quiet. The sea is so clean and the beaches without sunbeds and umbrellas. The mountains white with snow most of the winter months and it is […]

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