A Winter Beach Walk

An amazing winter exploration...

By Giannis Thimianos

- 28/06/2024


I woke up one sunny and I thought it was a wonderful day for a walk with my dogs along the beaches. We walked 5km from the old town to a suburb called Agioi Apostoli. We have the most wonderful small beaches all along the coast, and we enjoy them all year around. I wanted a swim also, and pick some anemones, my favorite winter flowers.The weather, the view of the snow capped mountains and the peaceful beaches was wonderful.

A dip in the cold sea and flowering anemones!! The water was really cold, after the cold weather last weekend. On these beaches it was snowing on Sunday!! I did got a dip with my dogs, and I enjoyed it as I always do. Being almost alone on the beach and enjoying the crystal clear sea. Amazing!!

As we walked we saw some other winter swimmers along the beaches. It is mostly older Greeks that swim fanatically in winter. The pensioners come in the morning, and the workers later. More or less.Quite beaches with strollers, runners, bikers and a few dog walkers, but no umbrellas, no sunbeds, lovely!!

Enjoy the photos from our walk and the flowers on my table at home. I had a few dreams, and I made them come through! A walk, a swim and some flowers. Feeling good, love Greek winter with it’s changing weather conditions, rain, snow, sun and of course the sea and the snowy mountains!!

Giannis Thimianos

Owner & Founder, fabulouscrete.com

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