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Everything in Crete is unique. Immense geological faults and special weather conditions have created amazing landscapes that invariably amaze the imagination of visitors to the island. The Cretan flora has adapted itself to resist human interventions, particularly free grazing, which has been a common practice in Crete for centuries.

Each route in Crete is unique. Vivid sensations, colours, aromas and sounds accompany travellers every step of the way. To get an idea of how rich Crete's biodiversity is, just consider that Crete has almost as many species and subspecies of plants (about 1750) as the whole of Britain (1450), even if it is 35 times smaller.

This diversity is not only reflected in the total number of species but also in the number of endemic species, which grow only in Crete and nowhere else in the world. In Crete, there are about 160 endemic species and subspecies, which means that 9% of the plant species of Crete do not exist anywhere else in the world. The most typical plants of Crete are the aromatic herbs that flourish here. Because of the essential oils that they contain, they are used as ingredients in cooking, in the preparation of teas and as medicines.

Here you can find beaches with emerald seawater and shrubs, sand dunes and rocky peaks, steep slopes and alpine areas, forested mountains and deep gorges, arid regions and murmuring rivers, picturesque ponds and Mediterranean forests, wetlands and fertile meadows, vineyards and olive groves. The life of the deep sea is no less diverse.

Through nature walks of fabulous Crete, you will have the chance to discover the most amazing places and see wonderful landscapes. You will walk through the nature paths of the island, and you will explore flora and fauna of the Cretan mainland!

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Best Seasons:Spring - Summer - Autumn
Popular Location:Apokoronas - Kissamos - South Crete

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