Hike the Cretan Gorges and conquer the mountain tops

Crete might be famous for its turquoise crystal waters and impressive beaches, but there are also huge, vast mountains and untrodden rough gorges that any hiker dreams of experience once in his lifetime.

Cretan people, throughout their history, lived on and with the mountains of the island. These huge "beasts" protected the locals from their enemies and raised a lot of young generations near their foothills. There are small hidden villages inside gorges, near mountain peaks and a lot of refugees, caves and historical places from the ancient times to the battlefields of WWII. The mountains are a big and important part of Crete's soul. Together we will discover its beauties, hike its gorges, admire the panoramic 360 views from its tops and experience Crete like never before.

Each one of the following tours, designed carefully by our experts. Our main goal and hope was to transform a phenomenically simple hiking trip into an unforgettable experience. Our friendly and hospitable mountain-guides, hosts, escorts & drivers will guarantee that you will get what we promised you online.

Let us fill your soul and mind with unforgettable mountain views and highlight the best memories from the tops of our beautiful island. Discover with us the hidden treasures of Cretan mainland, explore the vast mountain ranges, meet the locals in small traditional villages, accept their hospitality and warm embraced hearts, and enjoy an authentic way of life. The adventure begins as long as our boots are sturdy and our laces tied.



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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:Samaria, Agiofaragko, Imbros, Giouchtas

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