Why tour by bike, why in Crete and why with us?


There is no better way to explore a foreign place than by bike. Cycling tours are for everyone—people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ability levels. There is a big diversity of bikes and multiple tours to join. You just need to choose and go!


  1. Experience slow travel

At a cyclist's pace, you will discover the new places that car/bus travellers will never experience. Small hidden gems of the Cretan mainland, traditional villages, beautiful natural monuments, ruins of ancient places, dirt paths and much more unexpected surprises.

  1. Visit new places from another point of view.

It's totally different to simply pass from a place than cycle through it. If you truly want to engage with a foreign place and its culture, you will need to get out from behind the windshield.

  1. Increase your spirit.

When you cycle, you can smell, listen, and feel the environment around you. The magnificent natural surroundings of the Cretan mainland are there for you. The flowers' blossoms, the wind's whistle through the trees, the sound of the rivers and the birds' songs are all out there waiting to be sensed.

  1. Enjoy active travel. Keep healthy & fit.

Remaining active during the day is a gift to yourself.  You can easily give in to the pleasures of delicious food and some more drinks in the evenings. Feel good for yourself and enjoy the simplicity of self-propelled travel.

  1. Meet the locals and get in touch with the culture.

Yes, that is maybe the best thing of all - people you meet en route!  During a bike tour, you're not insulated and isolated inside a car, bus or train. It's almost impossible not to make lovely new friends and encounter the local cultural elements. Crete is the ideal place for that as hospitality is maybe the most characteristic element of the locals.

  1. Soak in your memories and create new ones.

Cycling is ideal for you to isolate your mind and bring in front of it the best recent or old memories. It's also the time you are making new memories. The adventures you will experience, along with the people you'll meet on your way, will definitely last for a lifetime. Remember, it's all about the journey than the destination.

  1. Learn everything from a local

Cycling with a local will never force you to think if you got the right turn or afraid to get lost. If you cycle with an expert, taking a tour, then you can enjoy freely the whole of it. You will learn everything about flora and fauna of Crete and a lot of interesting information about the history and traditions of this place. There is a huge diversity of carefully designed tours you can choose and leave the rest to our experienced hands.

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Best Seasons:Summer, Spring, Autumn
Popular Location:Apokoronas, Kissamos

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