The Most Beautiful Cretan Beaches

The paradise beaches of Chania

The most iconic and popular beaches in Crete island, famous for their turquoise, crystal clear waters and magnificent natural landscapes, are the sea-lagoon of Balos and the wonderful beach of Elafonissi. Balos locates on the northwest side of Chania, while Elafonisi in the southwestern edge of the region. Between these two lay the equally beautiful beach of Falassarna and the virgin coast of Sfinari. Not far from Elafonisi is the hidden paradise of Kedrodasos, a true natural monument. Crete's south coast is full of stunning beaches like the ones of Paleochora, like Gialiskari, Krios and Volakas. Then, in Sfakia province, some of Crete's most promising landscapes will reveal the beaches of Frangkokastelo, Iligkas, Loutro, Glyka Nera, Marmara, Agia Roumeli and a lot more. Be sure that the Chania region will never disappoint you!

The crystal waters of Rethymno

Rethymno's southern coast hosts some of the most incredible, pure and exotic beaches of the island. Agios Pavlos, with its vast sand-hills, is a place that will truly amaze you. The beaches of Ligres and Pahia Ammos by Kerames are some other gems of the region. But you will find some of the marvellous turquoise waters at the shores of Plakias like Ammoudi, Souda, Skinaria and Damnoni. Another brilliant beach is Rodakino, not far away from Plakias, and one of the unique beaches of the region is Kalypso. A real natural miracle surrounded by an utterly unique environment.

Last but not least, the King. The best beach in Rethymno is undoubtedly the beach of Preveli with its palm forest and the river. Preveli is a perfect example of a paradise on earth. A place you can explore and discover its countless beauties.

The iconic beaches of Heraklion

In the middle of the south coast of Crete, not far from the Palace of Phaistos, is the beach of Matala. It is one of the most famous beaches in Crete for a long time for two main reasons. Its wall on the north side has been carved with caves, and it has been a hippie centre for many years, and the cove is well protected and perfectly aligned to admire the sunset! Then, the beach of Agiofaragko is a top-rated destination. Another iconic beach of Heraklion is Triopetra with its unique rocky landscape, while there are still impressive beaches at Vathy, Trafoulas by Lendas, Aspes and Agios Nikitas. Οn the north coast, in the coves of Sarandaris at Hersonisos, Potamos by Malia, and Dia island, one comes across heavenly beaches, where the water is azure blue.

The hidden gems of Lasithi

The east end of the island will reveal some of the most stunning beaches. The Chrissi and Lefki islands' exotic waters can be explored by taking a boat trip from Ierapetra or Makrigialos. The lovely and exceptionally well-preserved palm forest of Vai and Itanos will remind you of an African natural landscape. At the same time, the secluded beaches of Karoumes and Xerokambos are a must-see for nature lovers. The landscape changes from dry and rocky to the serene strands formed below the slopes of Thripti range. The capital of Lassithi, Agios Nikolaos, hosts the lovely beaches of Gargadoros, Istron and Ammoudara.

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Best Seasons:Summer, Spring, Autumn
Popular Location:Balos, Elafonisi, Preveli, Agiofaragko

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