German Airpower

The battle of Crete can be broken down into 3 separate elements. Land, Sea & Air. Looking at each element in it’s own right helps us to understand where the battle was won & lost. German intelligence greatly underestimated the number of allied troops on Crete. They predicted about 5000-15,000 when the true number was […]

WWII – The Battle of Crete Combo Tour

Important note *The following itinerary is describing basic and general information to safeguard the schedule and the copyrights. If you wish to know more about the analytic schedule please feel free to contact us via e-mail ( or telephone (+302821043243). Introduction On May 20th 1941, world’s history changed forever. The battle of Crete, or “operation […]

The first day of the Battle of Crete – May 20th 1941

May 20th 1941: The German invasion begins On 20 May 1941 the Germans activated the operation “Mercury”. Landing among or near concealed the allies defensive positions, the paratroops and the glider’s staff suffered extremely heavy casualties. Survivors of the battle managed to establish a foothold on the island, but at the end of the first […]

The history of the Battle of Crete – A quick overview

Early in the morning bombers are hitting the island hard for hours! And then silence… Suddenly the sky is full of multi-color parachutes. Soldiers looked like puppets! The people of Crete and its defenders could not believe that this is true! It was 20th of May 1941. This was the start of what is known […]

An extraordinary day in the battlefields of Chania

The previous Friday I was lucky to meet four extraordinary people and tour with them around the battlefields of Chania. These two couples from Australia and New Zealand made my day!! We started from the area of Maleme, as usual and we spent more than 1.5 hour on the hill 107, right above the airfield […]

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