The Folk Costume

(Photo by Cretan traditional costume was of the most elegant and most complicated form of clothing and was divided into everyday and festive clothing. While in other regions traditional clothing was one of the first things to be replaced by western clothing named “frágkika roúha” – in Crete traditional clothing is worn up until […]

The Treasures Of Weaving And Loom

(Photo by Weaving is an amazing craft which is using beautiful wooden tools: looms, shuttles, frames and more,is a complex process. You bring together different elements to make a larger picture. These tools are works of art and even more incredible is the fact that they have been around since the same time our […]

The Olive Tree

It is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world – being grown before the written language was invented. It was being grown on Crete by 3,000 BC and may have been the source of the wealth of the Minoan kingdom. The Phoenicians spread the olive to the Mediterranean shores of Africa and Southern […]

The first day of the Battle of Crete – May 20th 1941

May 20th 1941: The German invasion begins On 20 May 1941 the Germans activated the operation “Mercury”. Landing among or near concealed the allies defensive positions, the paratroops and the glider’s staff suffered extremely heavy casualties. Survivors of the battle managed to establish a foothold on the island, but at the end of the first […]

The history of the Battle of Crete – A quick overview

Early in the morning bombers are hitting the island hard for hours! And then silence… Suddenly the sky is full of multi-color parachutes. Soldiers looked like puppets! The people of Crete and its defenders could not believe that this is true! It was 20th of May 1941. This was the start of what is known […]

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