Horse Riding

Exploring the Cretan countryside has countless highlights. Touring the nature paths can be the most beautiful and extraordinary experience whilst galloping on a friendly, noble creature. Following the ancient mainland paths on horseback, we discover the most relaxing and peaceful scenery. We travel in the evergreen area of Chania, find our way up to secluded and forgotten hills and sink into idyllic gorges. The sound of running water, the leaves' rustling and the birds singing extensively relaxes both your mind and body.

Whilst galloping on our horse, we experience a unique adventure. By observing nature's beauty, we are carried to other eras, riding along the streets that horse riders once rode on and used to trade and commute. Roads on which aspiring conquerors, wandering nomads and lords of the time also travelled along.

The memories of this guided experience on horseback, wandering the vast countryside, will remain forever a special memory and will surely win a place in your heart.


For your best-ever holiday enjoyment, we offer exciting beach rides, beautiful mini-safaris and relaxing day trips as well as easy beginner's walks for non-experienced riders. Green hills, goat-tracks, olive groves, herbs and wild flowers, the unique lake of Kournas, Argiroupoli's waterfalls, many small friendly villages and a superb beach combine to make this the holiday experience of a lifetime!


Horse-Riding is located on the west coast of Chania, well-known for its long sandy beaches. So be ready for some exciting galloping along the Cretan sea!! And make your dream come true!!!

We daily provide early morning and evening rides at three different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Other than that, we have a unique program for children, including guided nature walks. Our guides are English spoken.

For your information: we arrange transport within the area of Chania centre. For further inquiries and reservations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Gentle, forward going and well-looked after horses. Our sweet horses do appreciate a juicy apple, fresh carrots or a slice of dry bread as a reward
  • Small guided groups
  • 3 different riding levels
    • beginners: only walking
    • intermediate: walking & trotting
    • advanced: walking, trotting & slow galloping

For your own safety and everybody's fun:

Please choose your riding level HONESTLY as beginners will NOT be accepted on the beach rides!

  • Beach rides are at your own responsibility.
  • Only early morning and evening sunset rides
  • Max weight 100kg
  • Please inform us about your weight & height
  • Beach rides and/or country rides
  • Mini-safaris and day trips
  • Superb riding holidays
  • Good & safe riding material
  • Riding hats are obligatory and provided free of charge
  • For your own safety and comfort, you are kindly requested to wear long trousers and closed toe-shoes.
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Best Seasons:Summer, Spring, Autumn
Popular Location:Chania

Horse Riding

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