WWII – The Battle of Crete 2 Days Tour

By Giannis Thimianos

- 15/11/2018


Tour Highlights

  • Visit the Maleme airfield from above and Tavronitis historical bridge
  • Discover the battle of Galatas
  • War monuments around the area of the battle
  • Explore the WWII exhibitions in small museums and secret shelters
  • Visit the German and Allies war cemeteries
  • Ports and key locations of South Crete
  • Discover the great escape of the allies after the battle
  • Visit monasteries and war exhibitions
  • Analytic details about the historical battle of Crete
  • Chauffeured private tour ensures a more relaxing and personal experience



[…]Turning to Student, the Fuhrer said quietly: “Of course, General you know that after Crete we shall never do another Airborne operation. The parachute arm is one that relies entirely on surprise. That surprise factor has now exhausted itself…the day of the Paratroops is over”.

Adolf Hitler, Wolfschanze July 1941…

Our tour will start from the beginning of the WWII and how the greatest war that world have ever seen, affected East-South Europe, Greece and Crete. We will analyze the operation “Marita”, the glorious Greek-Italian war of 1940 and under what circumstances the operation “Mercury” began. The battle of Crete was one of the most important war theatres in WWII and the resistance played a very important role to revive the allied troops morale around the world.


Day One – The war theatre of Chania

In the first day of this tour you will have the chance to see the key-locations of the battle of Crete. A few kilometers from Chania, is Maleme, Tavronitis and Galatas where we start. We will analyze the battle and there will be detailed schedule for the rest of our day. Some of the locations we will visit are the German and Allies war cemeteries, high spots to have panoramic views and understand everything about the battle on a live map, secret shelters and monuments.

Day Two – The Evacuation

The end of the battle is close and general Fryberg order all his troops to withdraw. He has an evacuation plan. That was a life bet for Fryberg and Wavell, to save the allies during the retreat. The Cretan partisans helped and leaded the allied troops through the mountains to the South harbors, where the warships were waiting for them. The narrow mountain paths was extremely dangerous and unknown but not for the locals. We will follow the route through the mountain from the North to the South reaching Sfakia, the port who saved thousands of privates. You will also visit places, where the allied troops passed and their signs are still alive, in South Rethymnon and from high spots we will discover the area where the great evacuation took place.

The general historical facts of the battle of Crete are known. Together we will discover the original details and the unknown stories behind the scenes. You will have the chance to tour around the places where heroism and hope was a life goal for the Cretan partisans and the Greek , British, Australian and New Zealand troops. The battle of Crete changed the world in many different ways. Join us and explore the legendary and glorious WWII history of Crete.

Whats included in this tour?

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • English speaking, local guide
  • All entrance fees
  • Liability insurance
  • Certified services with ISO:9001
  • Transport by air-conditioned minivan
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Small-group tour

What is not included in this tour?

  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Accommodation


  • Schedule: Every day upon request
  • Location: Departures from Chania
  • Duration: 2 Days: 6-7 hours each day
  • Pick up times: 09:00-09:30 am
  • Tour Starts: 09:30 am

Terms & Conditions:

  • The company reserves the right to make minor changes in the program when this is considered necessary, for example in case of unfavorable weather conditions. This can be done without prior notice.
  • Reservations must be made 24 hours before the tour. A cancellation must be done 5 days before the tour. In case of later cancellations, no refund will be made from the company.
  • If a tour is cancelled due to few participants or bad weather conditions, the company will refund 100% of made payments.

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