Walking tour of Chania old town – The first walk of the season

The first walk of the year...

By Giannis Thimianos

- 28/06/2024


I m a Norwegian woman living in Crete for 34 years and I do some walks for Scandinavians and others through GS Tours.

Yesterday this year’s Walking Tours in Old Town started. I had one in the morning with a nice family of eight persons. The Raviv family came from Israel , wanted someone to take them around the Old Town of Chania. The family was: father, mother their four children, a husband and a girlfriend. Lovely people and nice weather made the trip pleasant for all of us.

It was special for me to take them to the Jewish part of town, and show them the 500 year old Synagogue. They were touched by the story of the Jews in Crete.

At five I met with a group of Scandinavians and one Cretan living in Norway and speaking Norwegian. We met each other outside the office of GS Tours were the walks starts from. I walk every Wednesday the whole season and do the walk in Norwegian. However, if we have none Scandinavians I translate into English. On this first organized City Walk of the season, I had good group for an afternoons walk through Old Town and it’s 5000 years history.

Because it is Easter, we visited some churches, both Greek Orthodox and Katholic and I told them about Greek easter celebration.

We walked in the Jewish part and on the wallon the West part. It is so green and full of flowers this time of the year and with the still snowy mountains as a view, what a place to visit!

In the end of the harbour, were the molo out to the lighthouse starts, you will find the Venetian public toilets. They are recently restored, and this is a perfect place to photgraph the harbour and the lighthouse. You see phots from both walks here!

We ended up in Splantzia were we visited both the church of Agia Katerina and Agios Nikolaos.

From next week I will in addition to the Wednesdays City Walks, also do Halepa walks on Fridays in Norwegian. All the walks start from the office of GS Tours at 17.00. You can read more about the walks on the site of GS Tours Fabulous Crete :

Hope to see some of you soon!

Giannis Thimianos

Owner & Founder, fabulouscrete.com

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