A Roundtrip to Akrotiri

Follow the dance stps of Zorbas the Greek...

By Giannis Thimianos

- 28/06/2024


On a nice Sunday in September, we went for a roundtrip of the Akrotiri penisula. We were a group of two friends from Norway, Torgeir and Kristin, me and my husband Jorgos. First we drove the short trip up to Stavros beach. This is were parts of the film Zorba the Greek was filmed in the early 60’s. This beach is always safe for swimming, whatever direction the wind is blowing, due to the sheltered situation of the place. With pink and white sand and clear green water.


We had a swim and enjoyed a very good meal at our favorite taverna, Zorbas, were they cook really tasty homecooked food. We had a lovely Sunday lunch with lamb in the oven, meatballs, salad, ”Imam” and zuccini cakes. A wonderful meal under the grapes. A real good Sunday lunch in this place will never be a mistake!! Filled up with food and vine, we drove up to the monastery Gouverneto. It is situated after the more known monestry of Agia Triada. You follow the signs to Agia Triada, and continue after that up through a small gorge, till Gouverneto. The road ends at a small gate in a fence and here you get in to the garden around the monastery. They are ng up the buildings, and they believe that it will be ready by 2021. The monastery is from the Middel age.

After passing the buildings, you will find a new gate, and after that, a nice path with wonderful view. It takes you down to a cave. The cave is called The Bearcave, because of the stalagmites a part of the rock looks like a drinking bear. The cave has been used as a palce for worshipping at all times. First to the godess Artemis, later to Apollo and so as a Christian church. In Venetian time a few monks were living here.


A bit longer down you find the wonderful ruins of the oldest monesty called Katholiko. Because the monestry was bothered by the Moors in the Middel Age, they moved longer up, and build Governto.


It is easy to walk down to the first cave, and not difficult to walk to Katholiko and the sea, but the climb up can be a challenge for some people. Good shoes will help if you want to do the walk all the way down, or walk to Stavros. We stoped at the graves of Venielos and we saw the wonderful view from the top of the town. It was a wedding on at the small popular chuch there, and we saw two brides. It is usual with two are even three weddings on a Saturday or Sunday. Afterwards with had coffee and cakes at a nearby cafe with fabulous view and an amazingsunset.

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Akrotiri is only a short drive from town, but a lot to see and do. I love the beaches, churches, monestries, tavernaes and walks so close by. Maybe you got some tips for your next trip?

Giannis Thimianos

Owner & Founder, fabulouscrete.com

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