A Day Trip to Sougia and Paleochora

Amazing Sunday nature walk...

By Giannis Thimianos

- 28/06/2024


Another Sunday trip done,
another part of the exciting E4 along the South Coast of Crete walk by me!
Beautiful view along the route to the Libyan Sea,
The White Mountains with snow, a beautiful gorge,
the archaeological site Lissos and a swim in the cold sea.
What more could I ask for!!

What a way to start the week.

The past Sunday I joined the local Mountain club EOS and we started from Chania with 3 buses and 3 cars in the morning.
It was a grey day, but warm and not so windy in Sougia.
We met by goats walking into the beautiful and rather easy gorge that leads to Lissos.

After getting through the gorge, you walk on a plain with great view before the way scrambles down to the bay of Lissos.
We had a break near the Byzantine church after looking at the Asklipio with it’s mosaic floor.
Then we climbed up to the next plateau with a panoramic view to the mountains and the sea.

Even if it was a grey day, it was warm, and we could walk in t-shirts.
The weather was really good for this walk,
as it often is too hot to walk in the summer months.
The walk takes about 5 hours and with were very lucky with the weather.

Gorgeous winter flowers is always a bonus, I think,
and the fabulous view all along the coast makes it unique.
It is easy to walk, with beaches for a swim, but not much shadow.
Just follow the E4 signs along the way!

We had a break for water and food at a small bay,
before we started on the last part of the way to Gialiskari beach and Paliohora.
It is nice to walk along and see Paliohora and the Gialiskari beach all the time,
getting closer and closer.

I love swimming all the year here on this wonderful island,
and I looked really forward to a ice cold dip in the Libyan Sea.
About 20 of all of us choose to swim.

The driver of the jeeps came to Gialiskari and whoever was tired of walking
got a lift for the last kilometers of dirt road.
I choose to walk all the way and get the feeling of getting closer every step.
After almost 5 hours walk did we finally walk into a winter quiet Paliohora and could enjoy a meal or a coffee before the return to Hania.

Happy with soar legs and the batteries filled up for another week in town.

Here you can see how the mountain club EOS Chania,
also walk to the snow caped tops of the White Mountains on Sundays.
These walks are for specialy interested and strong persons!
Read more about the walks here:



Giannis Thimianos

Owner & Founder, fabulouscrete.com

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