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Experience the unique beauty of Crete’s turquoise waters & plan the best escape to paradise with us.

There are a lot of things a visitor of Crete can experience. One of the best is definitely the island’s crystal waters and exquisite beaches. The coastline of Crete, more than 1000km, is rich in beauty and unique landscapes. The most amazing turquoise waters of Cretan beaches and hidden paradises can only be approached by boat. This is the most exciting way to experience the breathtaking landscapes and explore in-depth, one of the best options this island can offer.

The Tour Of Balos & Gramvousa Tours in Crete The Exotic Tour Of Elafonisi Beach

You can choose between a wide variety of boat trips all over the island and with different types of vessels. Sailing boats, Yachts and Speedboats will offer you a magnificent journey to Crete’s most amazing beaches. Enjoy the sunset from Thodorou island, visit the sea lagoon of Balos, the pink beach of Elafonisi, Falassarna, Chrissi island, South Crete’s beaches or more destinations in the Aegean archipelago. Santorini, Milos, Mykonos are only a few of your options. Our cruises can start from different ports according to your accommodations, and there are private transfer options below. You can book a day cruise or plan a multi-day itinerary around Crete and other destinations. Do not hesitate to send us a request for a customized experience. Our speciality is to offer our clients what they desire the most.


Boat trips in Crete


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